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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

HTC 8X and 8S :: WP8 Allies

With the outburst of hype created by Microsoft Nokia team up, the windows platform has gained much attention from not only the buyers and media but also leading mobile competitors ever since Nokia's 920 and 820 launch powered by WP8.

Today, 2 giant company have continued their production in bringing life to their devices with the new Windows Phone 8. HTC and Samsung have already came up with their flagship smartphones whereas Sony is no where to be seen.

Well lets get to the point! Sept 19th, HTC launched its two flagship smartphone to seal its competition in the new platform. It seems that HTC has put some really good effort in venturing into the Windows Phone 8 platform by entirely redesigning the 8X and 8S. Here's how much they have put into: Design of HTC 8X and 8S by . These phones are really sleek and nice in the hand and above all comes in really attractive colors, highlighting the significance of a Windows Phone.


The 8X packs in great camera feature (quick capture) as it comes with dedicated camera chip to render images in a blink of an eye. The greatest addition to the camera is that is able to capture full HD 1080 both on the front and back camera, thus making it very suitable for Skype utilization. Topping it is a bright 4.3" LCD 2 Corning's Gorilla Glass 2 which not only gives you added strength but extra vividness to the display. More on Corning's GG2 
Both comes with...
NFC, LTE CAT3, Beats Audio, Dual Core S4 Chip (Not similar however; MSM8960 for 8X and MSM8627 for 8S)


Lacks a MicroSD slot (you're stuck with 16GB)
Too little RAM? 512MB for a dual core... 

Up to now, every flagship devices for the new WP8 comes with high end features and specification. Probably to set a standard benchmark for quality and ensuring satisfaction to anyone who owns one to be proud of it. The HTC 8X and 8S are to be seen on shelves early this November.

Full review on the HTC 8X  ::  HTC 8S

A little hands on 8X and 8S by 2010KratosGow

Top 5 Common Blackberry Problems and Solutions

In this article we have listed top 5 common Blackberry problems and solutions. These top 5 blackberry problems were taken based on user experience and not endorsed by Research in Motion (RIM). Blackberry is always at ease of use but its inevitable to run away from Blackberry problems. Here we have solutions for top 5 common blackberry problems.

1. My Blackberry trackball keeps getting stuck!

This happens for few reasons. Some because of manufacturing defect and some because over time blackberry trackball collects dust. You can face down your smartphone and rub vigorously on a A4 paper. It works. If you want a detailed solution please click here.

2. My Blackberry battery dies every day!

If you're using 3G blackberry turn it to 2G. You internet will be still fast for receiving emails. You might experience slowness in web browsing. You might need to check whether your battery gets hot very fast, if it does its time to change your battery.

3. My Blackberry is always running low on memory

You can do few things to keep from low memory. First you could do a battery pull which is a temporary solution, but going to Options/Status/Database sizes to check what is eating up memory is more useful. You can then tweak the settings for each data set accordingly to raise memory levels. You can also clear your log memory by pressing alt + l,m,l,m.

4. Error 507!!!

Error 507 is one of the most feared errors in the BlackBerry universe, but can be easy to fix. Try this- download the latest OS from your operator who should have a version available. Once downloaded you should run it. Now delete vendor.xml from the C: drive on your computer and start BlackBerry Desktop Manager. Connect your BlackBerry and you should be able to re-install the OS. Hopefully you already have a recent backup of your data.

5. My Blackberry is not charging!!!

Over time the BlackBerry charger connector can move so that it no longer makes a connection. To correct the problem,
try the following:
  1. Take out the battery on the device.
  2. Using a flat object such as a small flat head screwdriver, push down the connector prongs so they are closer to the bottom (longer part) of where the charger plugs in.
 If you are interested , below are two of my favorite BlackBerry forums:
Hopefully we helped with some of your Blackberry problems. If you need any help feel free to ask us, we will be happy to assist you.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Apple's Iphone 5 and new Ipod with Revamped Itunes

Well as how we have expected, Apple has finally launched the new iPhone 5 with some great promising enhancement together with the new iPod line ups and revamped iTunes. However, there is no word of the highly anticipated iPad Mini. They must have speculated something and probably keep it for later, maybe in late October.

So the new iPhone 5 details as from the launch event:

$199 [ 16 GB ]
$299 [ 32 GB ]
$399 [ 64 GB ]
20 % Lighter and thinner
4.0 “ 16:9 with higher saturation of color
ARM Cortex A15 [ Dual Core ]
Apple A6 [ Integrated Graphics ]
8 MP
:: Demo of Panaroma rendering 28 MP at launch event
:: Primary camera takes 1080p [ take photo while shooting vid ]
:: Front does 720p
LTE Cat3
::  USA : Verizon, Sprint, AT&T
::  Asia : Softbank, KDDI,Smartone
::  AUS : Telstra, Optus, Virgin Mobile
::  EUR : Deutsche Telekom
::  UK   : EvEv
Not Available
Battery Life
::  225 hours standby
::  40 hours music playback
::  10 hours LTE use
::  10 hours video
::  8 hours 3G
::  8 hours Wi-Fi
80% Smaller connector called Lightning
::  Has adaptor for old connector [a bit bulky though ]
iOS6 & Siri [ Enhanced Siri ] Click here to see video of Siri

I'm already wondering how will the next iphone be..Good day to you 
[Credits to 9GAG for Trolling]

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Iphone 5 :: Closer to Reality

Just two more days into the launching event of the new line up of Apple gadgets, we at MoMobile would like to share some of the specs and predictions close to the next greatest Iphone the 6th Gen Iphone/ Iphone 5 / Codename N42. Let me just add that fav. quote by Apple "It's a whole new Iphone only better!".

Good and the Bad

The new 19 PIN connector does save plenty of space on the new Iphone design but at the same time this means getting a new dock. Lets just hope Apple has an adaptor or a way about this. Also the audio jack is now placed at the bottom right as shown below. The speaker output has a bezel/mesh like design. Good or bad? 

HIGHLIGHT :: The price of the new Iphone is said to be around the same price of 4s or lower!!! Sounds fishy though... 

You decide!

A little about the new interface changes on the Iphone Design!!!

Credits to etradesupply for the review

Review on the iOS 6 (to be on the new Iphone :: tested on 4s)
Credits to iTech224 for the review

So it seems Apple to be going all solo by cutting off the rope with the android daddy "Google" and partnering with third party like TomTom for their map and GPS system. Apple has also made youtube unavailable as pre-installed app. Well, sounds like the game is about to go next level!!! Let's wait for the launch of the 6th Gen Iphone ! 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Nokia 920 & 820 :: Resurrection of Nokia

 The pieces of the puzzle have finally come together for Nokia and most significantly at the best time for them to get a kick-start back into the mobile arena. Throughout 2011 till Q3 of 2012, Nokia has been working hard on introducing its new Lumia branded smartphones and to be frank, they have been really struggling to do so with other compelling android devices which totally left Nokia almost lost in the shrouds of mystery. Yet Nokia kept on introducing new features such as its camera technology, the PureView to their Carl Zeiss camera. Above all that, we know very well that Nokia's partnership with Microsoft would be a pace changer for the struggling company to boost in their devices software, and as a matter of fact they did!  

As of 5th September 2012, Nokia launched its brand new and very attractive Lumia 920 and 820. Not only do these pack in the beauty, they are also loaded with the high end ammo namely the dual-core S4 Snapdragon and it does not end there. The phones are also equipped with NFC and LTE Cat 3 technology which doesn't leave them behind current rivals of the market.

Microsoft and Nokia have really worked their sweats off to  boost the user experiences on the Nokia 920 and 820. The software on these devices are amazing such as the Smart Shoot and City Lens which gives an entirely new edge to how we will live our daily lifestyle. The combination of Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 platform and its intriguing design, Nokia get a whole new face to its interface. Not only that, Microsoft packs in its office tools together with the SkyDrive storage to give boost to the already available storage.

Last but least is the real winner for Nokia which probably be its competitive edge for the current market. Yes, both Nokia 920 and 820 comes with wireless charging which gives Nokia a push into the future of trendiness. Together with this comes a whole new line of devices supporting their wireless charging technology (Qi) such as the JBL wireless speaker system and Fatboy Pillow charger accessory. Many more company would now probably want to get close to Nokia for having such lucrative devices.

Nokia is currently set to go for an all out competition and the future as predicted is looking very well for them from what has happened in the couple of weeks (lawsuit termoil). Nokia has also launched the Lumia 820 and 920 a week before the forecasted Iphone 5 release to get ahead of its competition.

New has it that the Lumia 820 and 920 will hit the market in November of Q4.

The Lumia 920

For official review and spec of Lumia 920 click here

Hands On Lumia 920
The Lumia 820
For official review and spec on the Lumia 820, click here
So long to the Nokia Trolling.... ^^,

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

[HOW TO] Get DSLR like photo on ANDROID phones for free [PART II]


So for PART II, we will be using the AfterFocus app that we have installed previously. Take note, this app also has a paid version but no significant effects to what we will be working on.

Do I need any knowledge in photography to use this app?
No. Do not worry, this app is built for absolute beginners and ranges up to a certain level of expectation of knowledge in photography. Yet what we are going to work on, only requires LOGIC and patience. LOL


1. Launch the AfterFocus app and you will see the menu with the app logo somewhat similar to PicsPlay. Again you will have the option to either take a picture via a camera app or simply choose a picture from the storage device. However, this time look for the image from PicsPlay folder. I'll go ahead and load my fish picture as in NO.10. Choose smart filter for now.

2. Once loaded the picture, you will be able to see there are two menu, one on the top and the other below. The top has an undo redo, smiley pacman like symbol for clear changes made, a toggle between smart and manual mode, and a next button. Below will be the tools to apply and remove focus and also the zoom tool as in NO.10.

3. Basically, the steps are simple. You have three focus range to set, and this is where the logic comes in. all you have to do is select the range and draw lines across the object, and the smart filter will select the remaining of the object. You can think of it as the Quick selection tool in Photoshop.

4. So, to the object you need most focus, select "Focus" and draw a line across object (my case is the fish) as in NO.11. This automatically focuses the entire image but no worries.

5. Now you have to decide which objects come further or nearer in your picture. For objects further than the focused object (like in my case are the corals), select Mid and draw the lines on the respective objects as in NO.12.

6. For further objects or scenery which are further than the Mid, just select BG (Background) and do the same. Take note, I did not apply BG for my fish image as I believe it does not suit my case. So, it depends more on distance. In my case there is not much of a distance involved, so I go only up to Mid.

7. Zoom in amend some of the auto filter produced by the smart tool. You can select the zoom tool listed below and use the pinch zoom to pan and enlarge while use single touch to move around the picture while zooming. To remove any unnecessary lines, select Eraser and remove them as in NO.13.

8. Once you are satisfied with the focus areas, hit the next button at the top right corner and let the app render the image. You will now see a new editing page with different tools to enhance the effects.

9. Firstly, you would want to adjust the level of blur in the image. Remember! Over doing the amount of blur renders in a very FAKE and ABNORMAL looking picture. Anything between minimal to mid for the blur will do fine depending on distance logic again! Refer NO.14 for my preference.

10. With that, you are done with the DSLR effect, and if you would like to share your work, simply tap the share button beside save picture button to choose your preferred social network.

11. Thank you guys for reading this guide! I hope this worked for you! There are many features of PicsPlay and AfterFocus which I have not described here but will be available in the app reviews soon. My primary focus was to get the DSLR effect to your picture without prior knowledge of photography or such. So hope you guys like this post, and please share and follow me for updates on mobile and other great post to come!

Some other examples I made:


[HOW TO] Get DSLR like photo on ANDROID phones for free [PART I]

Hey guys, ever wondered of getting those fancy DSLR? Take those PRO looking shots ? But often end up heartbroken looking at the price tags of commercial DSLRs, accessories and those lucrative photography courses? 

Well today MoMobile will show you the steps to MAKE it happen for FREE and all you need is 2 great apps available on the Play Store and your beloved android phone. Buckle up guys, this is going to be a long tutorial! I'll try to keep it short! Enjoy!

What you need for this tutorial?

:: Download & Install ::

PicsPlay - FX Photo Editor

Scan the QR code or click here to download PicsPlay - FX Photo Editor to your android smartphone or tablet. PicsPlay - FX Photo Editor is a free photo editing app which packs in about 200 fun and exciting presets! For a full review on this app, click here (COMING SOON)!


Scan the QR code or click here to download AfterFocus. This is the core application which created the DSLR like effect on your picture! For a full review on this app, click here (COMING SOON)!

What will the result be like?

We will be working on this fish picture taken by myself using my Xperia Ray set at 6MP setting with the stock camera application. Illustration shows the Original picture and the final edited one! Hope this gets you excited!



1. Launch PicsPlay app from the app drawer of your smartphone or tablet. You will see a home menu as shown below NO.1. You can take a picture by launching a camera app, or select an image available on the storage device. I will just go ahead and load the fish image shown in NO.3. Just select normal for the image size, FYI a paid version offers higher res pictures.

2. Now select the FX option and choose FX Studio. You will now see all the presets classified in 10 different categories. For FREE edition, only left panel effects are available as shown in NO.4. However, do not worry as we will only need presets from the "Scenes".

3. So, the fish image of mine looks dull for now. Thus to make life easier, lets enter the Scene category and select Auto preset as shown in NO.5. This will automatically adjust the colors of the pictures (Hue/Saturation/Lightness).

4. You can control the visibility of the effect by sliding the visibility bar as shown in NO.6. You can also check to compare the picture rendered with the original picture by holding on the "Compare" button. when you are happy with the image select Apply to use it.

5. The effects in Scenes are actually presets to suit the conditions of the picture when they were taken. In this case, its an image of a fish in an aquarium. So, there is already a preset in Scenes for pictures taken of aquarium and I'll go ahead and select and apply that as in NO.7.

* For normal close ups, the preset Food does a decent job in producing an appealing to the picture and its ambient. Most of the time, you will be needing Auto preset and a combination of other presets depending on the nature of the picture. Have fun exploring on that!

6. Once satisfied, you can now crop the image into smaller focused dimension using the Crop tool from the main menu. In the menu, you can choose a free scale size up to your preference or a preset size to make it easier to crop images within a proportionate size. The ratio defines the width:height of the image. Thus, if your motive was to upload the image to Instagram, it would be a great idea to use 1:1 which will create a scalable square to crop as in NO.8.

7. After cropping out the image, hit the Save option at the main menu (NO.9) and exit the app once the saving progress completes. You are now done with PART I. Hope you guys are with me so far ^^,

8. PART II has been moved to a new post due to the length of this tutorial. Click HERE to continue to PART II!